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The House Movement's music producers create 100% original music.  While we specialize in electronic music, our producers have backgrounds in genres from House to Dubstep, Metal to Pop. Our roots and hearts are, and always have been, in the underground.  With the  evergrowing popularity of electronic music in the mainstream,  we aim to bring our flavor to the mass music outlets as well.

We LOVE to produce innovative and raw underground electronic music and showcase them at unique events. We are also about diversity in genres and encourage experimental sounds and collaborations between our artists.

At this time we only work with established and skilled professional producers. We hope to have a program in the near future with skills workshops and resources to assist novice producers and students.

We are always looking to build our producer base. We prefer to only work with non-egotistical, motivated, talented, and professional producers that have the time and drive to further careers, add to their portfolios, and utilize the opportunities that The House Movement provides.

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