aka Ryan Weber


Tampa, Florida USA 
Dubstep, Future Bass, House, Multi Genre
 What makes Ambition's sound unique is all of the different musical influences he pulls from. Ambition cut his teeth in the industry as an Underground DJ in the late 90's.  He quickly formed his own unique high-energy style of dance music that draws influences from literally all types & genres of music.  His musical diversity & uncanny ability to connect with the crowd to feed off of their energy are what makes his live performances so unique & engaging. 
After almost 2 decades of  shows at clubs, festivals, underground venues, beaches, boats, islands & radio shows all over the country, Ambition has been fortunate enough to play alongside the likes of Barely Alive, Dubloadz, George Acosta, Trollphace, Boombox Cartel, Curtis B, Vaski, Jackal & Hyde, Hirshee, Paul Anthony, DJ Icey, Stanton Warriors, Crywolf, Dieselboy, Nerd Rage, Aphrodite, Heavygrinder, GLAdiator, Herobust, DJ Rap, Baby Anne, Twine & many other DJ's from all over the world. 
 After 20 years of DJ'ing, Ambition couldn't help but want to evolve his sound & performances to new levels with remixing & producing his own music.  From the first few remixes in 2014 to his current original productions being released in 2019, Ambition continues to raise the bar, showing no signs of slowing down.




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